About Us

GoalsPredict are a group of soccer experts in analyzing soccer betting odds. We have come together to help all soccer losers to recover their losses and to help all soccer punters make good profits in their soccer investment. Our winning strategy is not just about winning one single match but about consistent winning in the long run. You may have question that how we able to win so much and why we are selling tips instead of betting ourselve. Here in about us page we will tell you everything that you need to know

How you archive a consistent winning
GoalsPredict not only hired expert in odds monitoring but we also have the biggest insider network in the market to get all the first hand news. With all the resources and information that is why we always archving consistent winning.

Why sellng tips instead of betting yourself
We do bet on ourselves, and we even have a team specialise to placing bets daily with 20 different sportsbooks. The daily turnover sometimes archive millions. And why we still providing tips? We want to create a winning community, until we archive that we will stop all tips providing and conquer the market with the community by just betting.

Should i trust www.goalspredict.com
Performance, honesty and reliability. We have consistent performance, you can always check that on our record page. Honesty, we are a sport tipster that currently have over 600 members, did you find any bad comment about us? No! Cause we are the best. And we are a tipster under monitored all times, 365 a year for every tips we release. Reliability? Try contact our support team, all emails will be reply in within 3 hours time.

Trial tips? Free tips?
Fuck off!! We don’t serve that, we are not beauty salon that give trial before buying. We are a profit provider, did you ever see a bank give you a trial money before deposit money to earn interest?

How much i need to have before going with you?
$1500 minimum. $500 for tip, $500 for bet and $500 for backup. Maximum? No limitation, we are not the sportsbook. Ask your sportsbook how much they willing to accept then that is how much you will get from them.


USD250 / TIP


USD200 / TIP


USD2400 / TIP

Service Features

Only in GoalsPredict.com we provide
you below features!
  • Records perfomance 100% genuine
  • Fully monitored service by 3rd party
  • Unlimited replacement guaranteed
  • Daily update perfomance records
  • Money management program
  • Guaranteed odds availability